Translate your sentences into 59 different languages with Google Translate for Microsoft Excel 2007. The good news: it's FREE to download!

What is GoogleTranslate Addins for Microsoft Excel 2007

Addins is some additional functionality that you can install to add additional features into your office application.

How to Install

You can install Addins in Microsoft Excel 2007 by clicking Office Button (Alt+F) -- the round bottom -- in top left corner of your Excel window, then click Excel Options (bottom left corner of pop-up dialog).

In Excel Options dialog, click Add-Ins (in left pane), then choose Excel Add-ins in Manage list-box. Next, click Go... button.

Click browse, navigate to where you save Google Translate API.v3.xlam file.

If there is a dialog asking your permission to copy the Addins file into your roaming profile, you may choose yes or no. If you click yes, it means you don't need to worry if someday you accidentally move or delete the original file. Excel keep the copy into your roaming profile to speedup loading time. But if your addins in network sharing folder, and your IT department continuously update the file (from other computer), you should choose no.

Fee Download

You're free to download and install it. You can use this addins even without installing it. Just open the xlam file into your Excel 2007. It should work with Excel 2010, too.

How to Use

There are two general way to use this addins:
  1. Clicking the GT button. This is the easiest and painless way. The default translation is Indonesian (Bahasa) into English. You can choose your desired language from dropdown listbox.

    Your currently selected cell will translated (a.k.a overwrited) directly.

    Where's the button ...? it's in Home Tab, just after Font group.

  2. Formula
    use =GoogleTranslate("Your text that you willing to translate","id","en")
    You need to know and remember all the language code for source and target language.

Language Code (in Formula)

code Language
af Afrikaans
sq Albanian
ar Arabic
hy Armenian
az Azerbaijani
eu Basque
be Belarusian
bg Bulgarian
ca Catalan
zh-CN Chinese (Simplified)
zh-TW Chinese (Traditional)
hr Croatian
cs Czech
da Danish
nl Dutch
en English
et Estonian
tl Filipino
fi Finnish
fr French
gl Galician
ka Georgian
de German
el Greek
ht Haitian Creole
iw Hebrew
hi Hindi
hu Hungarian
is Icelandic
id Indonesian
ga Irish
it Italian
ja Japanese
ko Korean
la Latin
lv Latvian
lt Lithuanian
mk Macedonian
ms Malay
mt Maltese
no Norwegian
fa Persian
pl Polish
pt Portuguese
ro Romanian
ru Russian
sr Serbian
sk Slovak
sl Slovenian
es Spanish
sw Swahili
sv Swedish
th Thai
tr Turkish
uk Ukrainian
ur Urdu
vi Vietnamese
cy Welsh
yi Yiddish

For Geek Only

I use my own API Key from google that limit only around 100thousand characters daily translation. You can use your own Key in formula.
=GoogleTranslate("String to translate","source_language_code","target_language_code","API_KEY")

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